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Our Story

Struggling to find desirable and versatile wash bags for her two boys, Emma decided to design and create her own. The Everyday Bag was born. The products we sell are inspired by what Emma would have liked as a little girl and what her boys love today. We try to keep designs playful and vibrant, yet stylish and simple. Luxury soft-brushed cotton and touches of luxurious velvet bring it all together to be the perfect gifts for kids of any age.

Our Values

We believe in the uniqueness of our bespoke designs, carefully brought to life by the wonderful artisans we work with. They have spent years learning the embroidery skills that go into the premium production of everything we sell. The impact we have on the planet is very important to us so care is taken with how we run our business. Thank you for being part of our journey to deliver a touch of joy for your little ones!

We hope you enjoy the designs.


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